Arone Meeks tribute vessel by Zane Saunders and bonemap


A group exhibition at NorthSite Contemporary Arts

NorthSite curatorial statement

The World Around Us is a NorthSite Contemporary Art collection exhibition presenting works by ten artists; Alfonso Puautajimi, Bernard Vartuli, Bonemap Intermedia – Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell, Edward Koumans, John Pule, Josia Redestowicz, Kristin Tennyson, Sue Woodridge and Zane Saunders.

The exhibition ravels in the midst of global uncertainty, a time of great change that is affecting life on earth through a global pandemic; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The World Around Us through the works, allows viewers to self-reflect; through personal and emotional wellbeing, the importance of climate change and the environment, world trade and finances, wars, famine, migration and people, memory and time and effects of time in the future.

This exhibition has been curated by Aven Noah JR and Teho Ropeyarn

The Exquisite Resonance of Memory

artist statement

2018 version

Temporal moving image projections of anatomical imagery and a female body caught in the multiple and uncertain life of mirrors. The intention is to produce rich cognitive effects that amplify the ambiguity between form and pattern by tranforming video art into 19 th century Regency wallpaper. Exploring the philosophical differences between fine art and decoration. Suggesting that a visual pattern is in itself a significant trigger for aesthetic memory.

This work uses digital video originally captured in 2002 using a standard definition camera. It has been remastered for exhibition as High Definition and most recently remastered again as an Ultra High Definition work. This is possible because the work utilises a repeating pattern. During the original capture the subject performed within a circular mirror chamber specially constructed for the work. The original installation video projection wrapped around the walls of the gallery floor to ceiling as animated wallpaper.

Bonemap - Rebecca Youdell and Russell Milledge
audio commission: Stephen Campbell

standard definition version first exhibited by KickArts Contemporary Arts in 2008
ultra high definition version exhibited by Meta Gallery Monaco in 2018

Video documentation: