projecton of indigenous artwork on the facade of a cairns cruise liner terminal in 2019

Embrace Projection Art : Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF)

Contemporary Indigenous art is not static. There is constant movement in the way artists approach their mediums and processes. Indigenous artists from Far North Queensland are great innovators and agile adopters of techniques that extend their visual narratives and storytelling flare. Innovation is an intrinsic driver for the presentation of the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair too. The impact of the Fair as a celebration of Indigenous art is significant. Contemporary Indigenous visual culture’s representation, diversification, and sustainability drive creative development towards new opportunities and outcomes. The Embrace projection art project follows this line. It aims to enrich the art fair experience by creating ephemeral integrations of animated Indigenous artworks as architectural and spatial interventions.

The significance of media art can transform the city skyline through the spectacular projection of Indigenous artworks during the city-wide CIAF weekend. This ambitious projection art project is a timely and critical promotion of Indigenous art to a broader audience through a new and exciting medium.

The CIAF Projection Art project promises to provide a conduit for committed artists and associated technicians to extend the professional presentation of their work in the medium of façade projection and temporary public art. The delivery of the event is highly innovative as it aims to introduce a new motivation for the generation of Indigenous Art for the CIAF’s constituent audiences and foster a growing reputation for activating a city-wide event.

2020 examples shown: animated artworks by Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre artist Mylene Holroyd and by the late Arone Meeks.
2019 examples shown: animated artworks by Hope Vale artist Daisy Hamlot, Wei'Num artist Margaret Mara and Aurukun artist Garry Namponan.

Cairns Indigenous Art Fair | James Cook University students | Bonemap

GWI, James Cook University

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