image of Zane Saunders performing in Cure at Judith Wright Centre in Brsbane 2019

Cure : Zane Saunders

Indigenous perfomance art

The work Cure is a concept project from the Spirit series. It has its roots in the Australia Council for the Arts pilot Signature Works Program. The Spirit series focuses on cultural transformation with the intent to reclaim ancestral spiritual identity. Spirit embodies these values through a series of signature performance installations presented in contemporary art spaces. Cure challenges the idea of industrial agriculture and organised religion versus First Nations spirituality. The past and present create our future custodianship of indigenous practices. Cure uses the metaphor of a moral compass symbolised by the Right and Wrong Rainbow. With sculptural elements formed in the shape of the arch, Cure will engage audiences in a ritualised performance. I see myself providing audiences with a profound experience to help shift something within them. 

Judith Wright Centre Brisbane 29 /30 November 2019

artist: Zane Saunders
Composer: Cameron Deyell
Filming/Photography/Editing: Russell Milledge
Creative Producers: Bonemap (Rebecca Youdell & Russell Milledge)
Sponsors: Arts Queensland : Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) Arts Ignite

Video documentation:

image of Zane Saunders performing in Cure at the Judith Wright centre in Brisbane 2019