Light Moves

Environmental projection and art event

Developed for Cairns Festival.

Light Moves created a world of cosmological reflections told through the medium of projected light, dance and music presented by James Cook University Design and Creative Arts in association with Bonemap and the Cairns Regional Council.

Light Moves is a popup performance featuring projection, dance and music offered on the banks of Lake Placid. Featuring a series of episodes moving between shimmering Indigenous rock art adapted for animation and projection, roving light performers, live musicians and Indigenous dancers.

The stunning natural spectacle of Lake Placid is the ambient scene for a mountain projection across the water and the natural amphitheatre of the recreation reserve provides the stage for an intimate encounter with the living spirit of this Bama story place.

Cairns Festival 31 August 2018 Cairns.

Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell of Bonemap

Miriki Performing Arts (dance) JCU Creative Arts Students (animation) CQU Dance Students (dance) Merindi Schrieber (song) Natalia Mann (harp) Bonemap - Rebecca Youdell (dance) and Russell Milledge (animation, projection design) Bernard Lee Singleton (traditional owner, visual artist) AGB Events - Giles Westley (projection design mentor and Cairns Festival associate artist)

James Cook University - College of Arts, Society & Education and Cairns Regional Council

Video documentation: