Elizabeth Hunter: Memento Mori

Art, Death and the Afterlife

Printmaker turned installation artist Elizabeth Hunter has been working for the last four years, making pieces for a special celebration of The Day of The Dead.

Memento Mori is Latin for Remember you must die; it is a fact of the human condition, the inescapable demise of all living things and encompasses all cultures and religions. Acknowledgement of Death is the catalyst for life, the motivator that gives life meaning.

Memento Mori: Art, Death and the Afterlife is an immersive installation, explicitly built for Tank 3, creating an ethereal environment, embracing the profane and the sacred in a journey through the sensual stimulus of visual artwork, lighting, scent and sound, inspiring meditation and reflection on the temporariness of Life and our last rite of passage, Death.

Bonemap prepared interactive zones that when approached reponded with wavering projections or the release of mist. Projections of fluttering butterflies and shimmering shapes occured within the installation.

Tans 3, Tanks Art Centre Cairns Australia - 27 Oct - 12 Nov 2017, nightly, including Halloween (31 October) and Day of the Dead (2 November).

Cairns Regional Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland; Tropical Catering and events; Bonemap and KickArts Contemporary Arts

Video documentation: