TILT (time-based installation layering transience) uses the idea of balance to ascribe metaphors for social, political, philosophical and geographical concerns through a performative interdisciplinary practice of choreography and design. Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell of Bonemap in collaboration with dancer Elise May and sound artist Lawrence English examined the idea of balance, and the provocative nature of balance. Without balance ecology falls over.

Using the combination of media and installation research, and investigating a multidisciplinary collaborative framework resulted in new choreographic interventions into a series of integrated media installations .

Key metaphors in the work resulted in substantial installation research for the physical and digital scenography.

Media & scenography design team: Artist - Russell Milledge
Technical assistants - Paul Barron, Daniel Gorski, Chedwa Whyte, Stephen Barton with intern Ines Blank.

2007 Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns

JUTE Theatre, KickArts Contemporary Art, End Credits, Cairns Civic Theatre, Regional Arts Development Fund, Arts Queensland

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