View of the installed tryptich Dance in the Landscape by Bonemap at the Cairns COnvention Centre 2005

Dance in the Landscape

A tryptich of large scale photographic prints | Cairns Convention Centre

Bathed in the light produced by its tropical surroundings and a sky deck that overlooks stunning Trinity Inlet, the Cairns Convention Centre makes the most of its setting. Cox Architecture and CA Architects finalised the detailed design in three stages, with the final stage opening in 2022. It includes Bonemap's reinstated large scale triptych 'Dance in the Landscape' along with a new entry, new exhibition space and a rooftop banqueting space with spectacular views over Trinity Inlet.

Bonemap initially worked with Curator Beth Jackson to create and install three large scale photographic prints within the stage II refurbishment works of the Cairns Convention Centre. In addition, to make the commission, the artists undertook location work at Yunbenun—Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville.

The Magnetic Battery, a former Australian Navy artillery site in Magnetic Island's hinterland, features in two of the prints. The battery, built 1942/1943, functioned from July 1943 until the conclusion of World War II. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service now maintains the facility's remains.

The third print features the wreck of the PS George Rennie, a steel-hulled ship scuttled at Magnetic Island in 1902. It was built in 1885 in Middlesex as a 151-gross-ton paddle steamer. In 1896, Howard Smith and Company purchased the vessel to transport coal from the anchorage at West Point to Townsville harbour.

Rebecca Youdell | Russell Milledge
Beth Jackson

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Cairns Convention Centre

The Queensland Government

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Panel 1 of the tryptich Dance in the Landscape by Bonemap 2005Panel 2 of the tryptich Dance in the Landscape by Bonemap 2005Panel 3 of the tryptich Dance in the Landscape by Bonemap 2005