performer with fire rope in Brink at Tanks Arts Centre 2005


‘Brink’ is a contemporary performance delivered as part of the 2005 On Edge Media and Performance Festival hosted at the Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns.

A digitally augmented performance installation, Brink is on the edge of life. Join the ensemble of performers on an intriguing journey into a past resonating with eccentric collections and broken dances. Defined as extremity, fringe or edge, ‘Brink’ is a world teetering on the verge of chaos. An evening that blurs artistic boundaries and offers an experience of exquisite art from the edge of extinction. The Tanks site has historical reference to 'domestic defence policy' for services during World War II; this political past emerges during the performance. The score contains elements involving a political campaign, observations of humanity, wedding nuptials, and the wild will to live. In addition, it displays the most unusual collection of artifacts and objects, presented in a classic 1960's car retrieved from Cairns Central Swamp.

‘Brink’ illuminates the void in a relationship between the breadth of performance and the rigour and context of visual art. It is a hybrid live art event—a vital and influential creative space operating in the cracks of our culture and revealing fluidity where we might otherwise expect to find the static.

performers: Sue Hayes | Jess Jones | Brian Fuata | David Williams | Rebecca Youdell | Amanda Le Bon
media & scenography design: Russell Milledge
sound Artist: DJ Olive
technical assistants: Simon Tait | Werner Burger | Stephen Barton
installation assistant: Kevin Mayo

Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns


Tanks Arts Centre | KickArts Contemporary Arts | Cairns Regional Council and Arts Queensland: Regional Arts Development Fund | 2005 On Edge Media and Performance Festival.

Bonemap on the Brink
Fiona Winning
Cairns: On Edge An axis of edges
David Williams

Video documentation:

Performers in Brink Tanks Arts Centre 2005