2003 Bridge Song

site-specific media & performance installation

‘Bridge Song’ intertwines the kinesthesia of dance/live art and the telesthesia of a mediated screen based aesthetic, transposing the choreographic moment and topographical metaphors. Bonemap’s critical engagement within this territory and with mediating technology is how to reveal subjective and explicit interrelationships within grounded ecological approaches as they are expanded into the imagination as both the visceral and the virtual.

The audience participates in a journey of the ‘bridge’ through the lens of urban and environmental ecology. The work seeks to illustrate the fragile relationship between humanity and the Earth. Images link visual and aural statements in a performance discussion politicising a body and surround.

Seeking a way forward from the romanticism of the landscape and a definitive sense of cultural identity, Bridge Song uses the tensions between the built and ecological environments, and the body and its relationship with the natural and built environments. 

bonemap 2003
bonemap 2003

Creative Team
Russell Milledge (production design), Rebecca Youdell (performer), Erik Griswold & Vanessa Tomlinson - Clocked Out Duo (live music), Jondi Keane (critical essay), Sulja Nezovic – Totem Designs (fabrication), Christian Green (stage manager), Lisa McClymont (assistant stage manager), Vanessa Mafé (documentation), Cheryl Stock – QUT creative Industries (outside eye), Yuri Nezzovic (floor crew)

2003 Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane

Arts Queensland, QUT Creative Industries

Bonemap: off centre, in balance
Gail Priest interviews Bonemap

The bridge: between iron and flesh
Mary Ann Hunter: Bonemap, Bridge Song

Additional video documentation coming soon: